Potato-Radish Surprise!



Sauteeing up  some serious nutrition.

Eat a Rainbow


Our recent Eat a Rainbow exercise included radishes, arugula and kale from the gardens. It’s a great way for our students to learn the benefits of different colored fruits and vegetables.

Getting Ready


September and October have been all about getting the gardens ready for the  new school year. We have been cleaning out the plants from the summer, and started to grow some yummy fall crops like radishes and lettuce! This week we will be planting collards, kale and turnips. Maybe a little late, but we’re confident that with a little stubbornness and ingenuity we can make it happen. The 5th graders in Ms. Dowling’s class have been doing a wonderful job keeping our beds watered.

We’re extremely excited for what’s to come for our great gardens!