• Crop rotation
• Seed saving
• Intro to Compost
• Roots and Erosion
• Selective Breeding
• Foods at their source
• Food Preservation
• Probiotics and Antimicrobials
• How to make relish
• Plant Parts
• Transplanting
• Furrow Seeding
• Organic Fertilizing


Eat a Rainbow
A lesson focused on the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Eat a Rainbow is a standard nutrition lesson for many gardening and culinary programs, and is a great way for our students to learn the benefits of different colored fruits and vegetables.
Read the Label
This lesson will introduce students to the importance of reading the labels on our pre-packaged food products. With a range of samples, from canned beans to boxed cereals, students will understand how to read a nutrition label, and look for healthy pre-packaged food options.