January: If you plant it, they will come!

Planning a butterfly garden Winter is a great time for garden planning. Butterfly gardens combine nectar plants and host plants. Nectar plants Flowering nectar plants feed butterflies and many other pollinators. Your garden will be liveliest if you plant a variety of nectar plants that flower in abundance at different times of the year. We…

2020 Butterfly Calendars to be distributed soon

After 10 years of raising butterflies here at Shamrock Gardens, the PTA is celebrating by issuing a 2020 calendar. It tells the story of our butterfly program and describes many of Charlotte’s best-known butterflies. Orders are now closed for the year. Thank you to all who ordered calendars.

Butterflies abounding!

Butterfly season is underway! Kindergarten, First, Third and Fourth grade classes have been raising caterpillars from our gardens and learning about their amazing lives. Second graders will get their caterpillars next week. PreK students and Fifth graders will start raising Luna Moths in mid-October. Ask your students what’s happening in their classrooms.

We need your help this summer!

No one told the gardens that school is out! This is the most productive time of year, and we need people to come help us weed, water, and most importantly, EAT all of this wonderful food! Please sign up for a time to come to the garden. On the day of your choosing, you may…