Welcome to Shamrock’s Gardens. I started this website to showcase the garden programs at Shamrock Gardens Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina. All students deserve a rich, holistic education that connects them to the natural world that surrounds all of us. Our gardens, built in the courtyards of our beautiful mid-century modern school, embodied that vision. They helped us transform a struggling school into a success. My son started kindergarten at Shamrock in the fall of 2006, and graduated in the spring of 2012. Choosing Shamrock was one of the best decisions our family ever made.

In 2020, our school building was torn down and a replacement school built. A new group of parents is working to rebuild Shamrock’s garden program. This page now charts my personal exploration of nature and education. I especially love raising caterpillars, so I post a lot about them.

Please follow the links on the main menu to learn more. Happy exploring!