Butterfly Gardening in the Carolina Piedmont

I’m delighted to announce the impending publication of Butterfly Gardening in the Carolina Piedmont. The book draws on my years of experience growing host and nectar plants at Shamrock Gardens Elementary School and in my own garden. It was beautifully designed by Little Shiva (littleshiva.com). Purchasing details will be available soon.

This website allows readers to explore butterflies and butterfly gardening in greater depth.

The book directs readers to specific parts of the site at several points. Here are those links.

Page 35 – Mating Luna Moths

Page 41 – Raising Caterpillars

Page 51 –School/Home Activities

Page 53 – Monarch Tagging

You’ll find plenty more if you poke around. Watch this blog for new stories as I continue my gardening  journey.

Happy Butterflying!